Things are rolling right along on this whole “becoming an author” thing. I’ve finally officially announced it on Facebook, which garnered much positive feedback and a number of sales. The tenth sale was just as exciting as the first, but I’m afraid it will be a long slog to the next order of magnitude. I also applied to the Goodreads Author program, which is pretty cool. I’ve been a member of GR for ages, and now every time I post on there I’ll have the little ‘author’ tag next to my name. I shall selflessly resist the urge to spam every board on the site.

One interesting thing about the Facebook announcement, though, was the breakdown of the link traffic. I used’s link shortening services, which also let me track how many clicks each link garnered. I posted both the link to the book on Amazon ( and to the book on Smashwords (, explaining that Smashwords ebooks were DRM free and available in many formats. And yet, six times as many people have used the Amazon link as the Smashwords link. I guess the ease and familiarity of the Amazon experience trumps any dislike some may have of a giant corporation.

…okay, maybe that’s only interesting to me. I’m sure Neil Gaiman could have made that anecdote into a cutting and astute observation.