About the Book


The Puppet Kingdom is an outgrowth of the author’s long love of fairy tales and modern day retoolings of them, such as those by Neil Gaiman or Charles de Lint. If you love the idea of magic being a part of the everyday world, just around the corner or under your feet, this is the book for you. After all, what could be more everyday than the rampant sprawling strip malls, the mazes of narrow streets, and the identical houses of suburbia? If magic can be found in such mundanity, it can be found anywhere.

Red is a strong female protagonist – one who learns and grows, who has many facets to her personality, and who comes to recognize her own worth. The author wanted to write a heroine she would have loved to have read when she was sixteen, whom she would have connected with on a very personal level. There are never enough strong women in fiction – women who are special characters in their own right, who can carry the weight of a story on their own shoulders. Red is meant to show that woman can and should be the stars of their own stories.

The world of The Puppet Kingdom is only just opening. Look for the sequel, Dreamer’s Fall, coming soon to Kindle and Smashwords.



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